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High quality handmade fashionable wool-like rugs and carpets

High quality handmade fashionable wool-like rugs and carpets good. Before we go into the carpet history topic. Enter history as a floor. I should reminded. Which primarily requires you to have some information about the textile industry. Basically, what is woven textiles are said to be. Why do they mention carpet as a knitwear?

In the textile industry there are two types of non-woven fabrics. One with texture and one weave. The names of these two can easily found in the production technology. Between 40 and 100 stages can be useful for conversion. That is to say, to convert the wool fiber to wool. When carpeting is considered as a flooring. They called it the floor. In textile flooring technology, we have to make a distinction. Is this flooring made of yarn? Or the yarn production phase has been removed. And straight from the fiber to the floor.

High quality handmade fashionable wool

carpet fiber quality

When you consider the conversion of fiber to yarn. And then consider the yarn floor to the floor. Carpeting or flooring called woven carpeting should be considered. And when we turn the fibers directly into carpets. In the sense that we remove yarn spinning.Use high quality handmade fashionable wool-like rugs and carpets.

We shorten the production line. In that way, we reduce costs. And we impose a series of other constraints that create the absence of yarn. For example, it creates a limit to our roles and logos. Use High quality handmade fashionable wool-like rugs and carpets.

High quality handmade fashionable wool

Carpet activity in the world

Carpet that is useful extensively in the world. It’s about 100 years. Which  related to it. It is a carpet that has been removed from the process of producing yarn in its entire production process. And so this carpet not woven. In the sense that there is no yarn. And converts the fiber directly to the cloth or floor. This should be taken into account. And so we get into a branch of textile. Textile without textiles. This piece of textile has its own story.

High quality handmade fashionable wool

What does textured carpet mean?

In 1875, a man named William Baihtherer draws a plan. Non-woven fabric production machine. It stole it from Ontario, Canada. In the north of England, around the town of Linde, there was a village named Cleethe-Heath. An unconventional machinery manufacturing plant. There, especially the needle machine, or Niddle loom. The factory was William Bai Chatter. Which has been around for about 15 years. And then disappeared. The products that batted with this unprotected technology were excellent. It considered to be a postal production. It is a matter of time, for example, that the Army’s cavalry blanket provided by Angis. The cavalry was at that time a large number of mules and horses. And they wanted a cover in the winter.

High quality handmade fashionable wool

Properties with new carpets

This proverb also applies to carpets and carpets. So, if your home, office or hotel coverage is bad for you. The first thing you need to do. Roll up the old cover. Carpets lose their quality over time. Or the effect of burns and spots of pollution, does not have the former beauty.
Your first option is to make changes and deal with such a phenomenon. Collect the old coat. After collecting, carefully look at the floor cover. See if the cover is no longer beautiful than the old carpet? If the answer is yes, be sure to consider buying a new carpet for the floor. Sometimes you use temporary covers. In the conferences and festivals, you use the red carpet. Using a carpet carpeting or carpet tile, it creates a temporary cover.

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